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It could be said that Maple Island’s proudest accomplishment over our long history is the solid partnerships developed with the companies that have selected Maple Island as a Contract Packager for their products. Top companies in the Food and Beverage Industry and Pharmaceutical Industries continue to have complete TRUST in our ability to meet all of their needs. This trust is based on 3 essential values:

  • Be good people to do business with
  • Offer total confidentiality
  • Provide complete quality assurance

Our contract packaging options include:

  • A canning facility in Wanamingo, Minnesota that can package your product in a metal or composite can. Diameters of the cans can be in the 401 to 603 range

  • A flexible packaging facility in Medford, Wisconsin that can package your powder in pouches ranging from the small “single-serving” sizes to the larger pouch/bags up to 12” in width.

Maple Island offers Nitrogen flushing if an extended shelf life and improved product safety is required for your product.

USDA Approved - Kosher Approved - FDA Inspected

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