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Custom Agglomeration

Many of Maple Islands’ customers are looking to improve the performance of their powders. Increasing bulk density or improving the solubility of a difficult to disperse powder, for instance, are easily accomplished through the agglomeration of the powder. Our agglomerator offers some distinct advantages to our customers. A formula can be dry blended on the front end of the agglomerator through our ribbon blending system. Liquids can also be uniformly added to the product at the point of agglomeration.

Many types of powder can be agglomerated:

High to low fat Milk Powders ▪ Whey Protein Isolates ▪ Infant Formula and Food ▪ Starch ▪ Soups ▪ Soy-Based Products ▪ Maltodextrin ▪ Cocoa Products ▪ and many more

Custom Dry Blending

Maple Island has invaluable experience dry blending the most sensitive of formulas and products. Our customers can utilize our ribbon blender or we also offer a tote tumbling system for more sensitive blends. The blending process involves a sifter to insure particulate size and a rare earth magnet for extra product safety.

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